People want a clean washroom

It’s no surprise. Most people want clean washrooms. Therefore, make sure to equip washrooms and other spaces with the right hygiene solution. An optimized solution ensures paper is always available and reduces time required for refilling dispensers and emptying rubbish bins. Hence more time is available for tidying the washroom to keep it clean and fresh as the visitors want.

Paper towel is the preferred hand drying method

When given a choice between paper towels, air dryers and cloth towels people choose paper towels because it is the most hygienic option. Choosing high quality paper will also reduce the consumption since visitors then use less sheets. That’s good for your visitors, you and the environment.

Many people also think that air dryers are unhygienic and too noisy

If you have air dryers in the washrooms, you should may be rethink. Studies show that paper towels are the most hygienic option for hand drying. When using a paper towel the hands are mechanically cleaned because you rub viruses and bacteria off your hands. In addition, a paper towel is only used once. Therefore, there is no danger of spreading infections or virus, via sharing of the hand towel.Learn more about how we act and react in the public washrooms by downloading the PDF.