Rolling out using parchment paper

Rolling out using baking paper means the dough will have an even thickness and won’t stick to the table or baking dish. If you cut a ready sheet of paper the same size as the dish or oven tray, you can transfer the dough and the paper directly to the dish after rolling out. Also, remember ready-cut SAGA Baking and cooking paper sheets that are designed to fit for most standard dish sizes.

As the paper lines the dish, there is no need for separate greasing. Also, it allows you to lift your pie or cake easily out of the dish and transfer it whole to your serving plate. To top it all, there is very little washing up as the paper keeps the tray or dish clean – no need to scrape off burnt dough!

You can also make the icing by rolling it between two sheets of parchment paper – it’s also ready for the refrigerator to keep cool before use!

When using SAGA paper to roll out marzipan put a piece of cling film down as a base so the marzipan mixture doesn’t slip. Cover the top with paper only to roll out a smooth, wrinkle-free marzipan topping.