Lining with cooking paper

Save your dishes and reduce washing up by lining platters, oven dishes and oven trays with SAGA Baking and cooking paper. Lining with SAGA paper will prevent the food from sticking, and therefore washing up is easier, and the food waste can be reduced.

SAGA papers can be used for all cooking and baking needs: pies, fries and other oven-cooked meals cook neatly on paper-lined dishes and trays. Sticky or sugary cakes come out cleanly when the tin is lined with baking paper. By lining the tins you can also skip one work phase because you don't need to grease and flour the tins. The greaseproof, non-stick surface makes SAGA papers a marvellous aid for baking greasy foods such as pasties or pizzas.

The SAGA selection has ready-cut cooking and baking paper sheets in economical packs of 500 and 1,000 sheets.

SAGA is also excellent for lining steamers and steam oven trays, so that glutinous Asian-style dumplings and other such meals can be cooked without sticking.