Decorating with parchment paper

SAGA Baking paper is excellent for decorating. There are so many ways to use SAGA, just let your imagination run wild! Here are some ideas.

You can make a disposable piping bag for whipped cream, sweet sauces (e.g. berry, toffee and chocolate sauce) as well as mayonnaise and other savoury garnishes – just cut the end of the piping bag into a suitable size and shape.

Pipe decorative patterns from melted chocolate onto a sheet of paper and put them straight into the fridge to set. The paper is also handy for making and transferring decorations made out of marzipan, shortcrust or gingerbread pastry. Its non-stick surface ensures that the decorations are easy to remove when needed.

You can use the paper to make stencils for decorating cakes. For instance, the different sections of a gingerbread house can be drawn on the paper with a pencil.

Why not use it to line a cake dish. When moist, the cooking and baking paper is more durable than a regular doily and does not tear as easily when cutting the cake. You can either make your own decorations or if you’re in a rush, why not line a doily up to the decorative edge with a sheet of baking paper.

Whether you want to create anything from cones to ’candy wraps’, the baking paper can be folded and cut exactly as desired. A greasy chicken leg bone can be wrapped in an American-style frill, tied on with a piece of string. Definitely a more eco-friendly option than aluminium foil!