Covering with cooking paper lid

Use SAGA Cooking paper as a lid when you’re cooking or warming up food in a frying pan, microwave oven or conventional oven. The oven and microwave will stay clean as the parchment paper lid prevents liquids such as grease from splashing on the sides, which can be a fire hazard and also cause problems with hygiene and smells. When whipping cream, it's worthwhile cutting a piece of baking paper slightly bigger than the bowl and making a hole in the middle of the sheet for the whisk. This way the cream won't splash out even if you are using a shallow bowl!

Another handy tip is to use SAGA Cooking paper as a 'vacuum lid’ when you cook food that easily floats to the surface, such as tortellini or fresh pasta. Cut a round piece of paper that is a little larger than the circumference of the saucepan and place it so it lies as flat as possible on the surface onto the water or sauce, for example. In this way, the food will stay under the surface throughout its cooking time – allowing it to be cooked evenly throughout. Be careful of hot food, when you put on or remove the cooking paper lid.