Choose between white and black

Our series of dispensers encompass a well thought out range of products that are suitable for all toilets and hygiene facilities at all workplaces. Whether you choose white or black dispensers, you will receive a good looking, well-functioning product. Together with our tissue paper and other accessories, it is easy to choose the right hygiene solution for your particular needs.


Focus on the user

The dispensers have been designed in cooperation with industry experts and many different end users. With the help of interviews, observation and laboratory tests, we have collected valuable information to find sustainable and useful solutions for all kinds of hygiene facilities.

Unique features, less hassle

Our main strategy is to make our dispensers as ergonomic and user-friendly as possible. For example, the soap dispensers are marked with braille to simplify their use by those with impaired vision. The soap dispenser’s fully enclosed pressure surface makes it easy to use. Transparent sides make it easy for service staff to see when it is time to fill the dispenser with paper and soap, which means that the dispensers are always well-filled.

The right hygiene solution saves resources

Our system solutions reduce consumption. You don’t need to fill dispensers or empty waste bins as often. Changing from folded paper tissues to system paper towels makes it possible to reduce consumption by up to 40%*. Changing from normal liquid soap to foam soap can mean using 35%* less soap.

* The comparison is made between Katrin’s own products and is calculated using Katrin’s consumption and CO2 calculator. It is based on a company with 100 employees that go to the toilet 3 times a day.


Recycled plastic

We are always developing new ways of minimising our use of plastic. For example, all of our black parts in our black dispensers are made from recycled plastic. The black detailing on the white dispensers and the plastic plugs in the system rolls are also made of recycled plastic. All plastic packaging used for our tissue products are marked with ”Green Pack”, meaning that at least 30% is recycled material. Our aim is to have a completely fossile free option by 2030.