We are optimizing the soap range by introducing a new soap with a fresh scent. As earlier we also offer an unscented alternative. All soaps are available as foam soap and liquid soap. They are all eco-labelled and dermatologically tested. We call the scented soaps Katrin Soap Green and the unscented ones Katrin Soap Clean.

Katrin Soap Clean

Enjoy a perfume-free soap with skin and environmentally friendly ingredients. A soap with a mild, foaming lather for thorough cleansing while maintaining your skin’s natural moisture balance. Unperfumed soap is perfect where there are people who are sensitive to strong scents, for example in hospitals or schools.

Katrin Soap Green

A fresh and creamy soap with a mild scent of Birch wood. Your skin will be clean and will smell fresh for a long time. The soap has a low PH value, so is gentle to your skin and in recyclable containers, it will be kind to the environment as well. Scented soap is perfect when you want to create a more personal feeling to the establishment. Like in a hotel or in an office.

Find the right soap solution

You can choose liquid or foam soap with or without fragrances. We recommend Katrin foam soaps for premises with many visitors.