Katrin Commercial Hand Wash Foam 1000 ml, Green

Katrin Commercial Hand Wash Foam 1000 ml, Green
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  • Katrin Green a refreshing foam soap with a mild scent of birch wood.

  • Enjoy the refreshing green notes of nature's finest, as our soap transforms your daily hand washing routine into an aromatic experience.

  • The soap as a low PH value, so is gentle to your skin and in recyclable containers, it will be kind to the environment as well.

  • 1000 ml - enough for 2500 portions

  • A rich, stable foam which gives a soft foam feel and is easy to spread on the hands

  • Leaves hands soft and moisturized

  • Contains mild ingredients for sensitive skin which makes this soap especially applicable for frequent use

  • All the ingredients have been carefully chosen for their quality and for this specific application as well as their low influence on the environment

  • Certified under the Nordic Swan Eco Label and EU Flower Eco Label

  • Dermatologically tested & approved

  • Our soaps are covered by cosmetic legislation and so do not legally require a Safety Data Sheet. Full information about the ingredients of our soap can be found in the Product Information Notice.
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  • Environmentálna značka EÚ (DK/030/001)
  • Nordic Swan Ecolabel
  • Dermatologicky testované
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001

Špecifikácia výrobku

Rozmery balenia V x D/H x Š 245 mm x 91.5 mm x 68.5 mm
Celková hmotnosť 1.083 kg
Čiarový kód 6414301086443
Rozmery balenia V x D/H x Š 253 mm x 285 mm x 155 mm
Celková hmotnosť 7.125 kg
Spotrebiteľské balenie/predajné balenie 6
Čiarový kód 6414301086450
Rozmery balenia V x D/H x Š 656 mm x 1200 mm x 800 mm
Celková hmotnosť 312 kg
Obchodné jednotky/paleta 40
Čiarový kód 6414301086467