High-value bioactive extracts from forest industry side streams

STARTING DATE: March 01, 2021

Boreal Bioproducts (formerly known as Montinutra) was founded in 2018 to convert forest industry side-streams into high-value bioactive products. Boreal Bioproducts intends to produce new ingredients for the cosmetics, personal care and chemical industries, focusing first on extracts made from spruce sawdust. SpruceSugar™ product has potential in hair and suncare applications, and replacing fossils in the chemical industries in e.g. glues and binders. SpruceLigno™ is a native natural lignin, providing antioxidant and SPF boosting capabilities. It’s derivatives can be used as coatings for e.g. anti-fogging or coating wood.

In early 2021 Metsä Spring participated in a financing round together with other private investors to support Boreal Bioproducts in commercialising these products and scaling up the company’s production capacity. Boreal Bioproducts’ pilot plant in Turku, Finland was started up later in year 2021. Boreal Bioproducts is planning a demo plant on site Metsä Group’s Vilppula sawmill in Finland. 

For more information about Boreal Bioproducts, please visit their website: https://borealbioproducts.com/