Metsä Wood DURAForm® plywood

Metsä Wood has now expanded its range of formwork panels with a cost-efficient and durable alternative called Metsä Wood DURAForm®: The sustainably produced birch plywood panels are very easy to work with and provide an especially smooth concrete finish thanks to their special composite surface. The birch plywood panels made of sustainably produced raw materials are maintenance-free and can be used up to 200 times. They yield particularly smooth surfaces while complying with the principles of circular economy circularity.
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Metsä Wood DURAForm® is a smooth surface maintenance-free birch plywood panel for concrete formwork applications.* Metsä Wood DURAForm has a multi-material composite surface which makes the panel harder and more scratch- and wear-resistant than standard formwork panels.

The improved crack resistance and reduced chipping, even when fastening using nails, contribute to a consistently high surface quality. If repairs are nevertheless needed, a variety of methods can be used to restore the panel surfaces to their original condition. Phenolic film surfaces can be repaired with coated wood patches or by using a suited water-resistant putty. No expensive special equipment is needed – standard wood processing machines are perfectly sufficient.

Metsä Wood does not sell, market or distribute the product and does not allow anyone else to do the same under the mark “Metsä Wood DURAFORM” or “DURAFORM” in the United States of America or Canada.