Targeting a sustainable supply chain

Metsä Fibre’s goal is that all its suppliers will operate according to the environmental, social and economic responsibility requirements jointly set at Metsä Group by 2030.
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  • Sustainability, 2022

The sustainability of suppliers is ensured by committing them to the Supplier Code of Conduct, and by assessing and auditing them. The Supplier Code of Conduct was updated during 2020, and it were introduced in all new purchase agreements from the beginning of 2021.

Of Metsä Fibre’s purchases in 2021, 97 per cent were made from suppliers who are committed to the Supplier Code of Conduct, and 50% of the purchases were made from suppliers whose sustainability practices are evaluated to meet our requirements. Sustainability has been assessed through supplier self-assessment surveys. In addition, some suppliers are audited by our personnel or an external body.

All Metsä Group business lines work with suppliers who share the Group’s values. By committing the suppliers of goods and services to the Supplier Code of Conduct, we seek to manage and minimise issues like the risk of corruption, child labour use and human rights violations.

Regular assessments and audits

Sustainability criteria are also part of our regular supplier audits. The supplier assessment and audit process was renewed in 2021–2022.
Logistics is also managed by an extensive partner network, which is required to commit to the implementation of safety, risk management, environmental impact mitigation, best management practices and human rights in its operations.

Wood is the most transported raw material in Metsä Group. Other significant product groups transported are ready-made wood, paperboard and paper products, as well as chemicals, filler materials, pigments, and packaging materials used in pulp and paper production.

The harmful environmental impact of transports is reduced by efficient route planning, minimising transport distances, and by optimising occupancy rates and prioritising train connections on selected routes, for example.

Centrally managed sustainable purchasing

Metsä Group works in close cooperation with wood suppliers and harvesting contractors, promoting sustainable forestry through stakeholder collaboration and training. In addition to wood, Metsä Group purchases fibres, chemicals and other materials, machines, supplies and services centrally. Purchases are made locally whenever possible.

In 2021, for example, 96 per cent of Metsä Fibre’s purchases, measured by their value and excluding wood supply, were made from European suppliers.

The traceability of raw materials and packaging materials used by Metsä Fibre was 96% in 2021. For all raw and packaging materials, the goal is to have a 100% traceable and responsible supply chain by 2030.

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​International Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to the target:

1 SDG 8.png 1 SDG 12.png 1 SDG 17.png