Aiming for zero accidents

​Metsä Fibre, like the whole of Metsä Group, has the target of preventing all accidents. Safety is the most important part of professional skills at Metsä Fibre. We want to ensure that every Metsä Fibre employee and the employees of our partners are able to return from work healthy.
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  • Sustainability, 2022

In 2021, Metsä Fibre's lost time accident frequency (LTA1) per million working hours was 7.6 and the total recordable incident frequency (TRIF) was 10.2. The internationally used TRIF metric takes all recorded accidents at work into account.

In 2021, proactive safety work was implemented systematically in all Metsä Fibre's operations: for example, during the year more than 90 per cent of the corrective measures concerning safety agreed for 2021 were implemented in all units.

Risks related to the coronavirus pandemic were also well managed in 2021. Metsä Fibre was able to maintain the continuity of business operations despite the pandemic, also during maintenance shutdowns while working with external partners.


Harmonised and engaging safety work

Metsä Fibre follows the Metsä Group's common safety management principles and processes that are used to manage the Group's safety as an integrated whole. The development and harmonisation of Group-level safety standards began in 2020, and the work will continue with the implementation of new standards and the continuous improvement of existing guidelines.

In addition, Metsä Fibre is investing in the safety of service providers in particular, in close cooperation with the providers. The goal is to even better guarantee the safety of partners operating in Metsä Fibre's mill areas on a regular basis and during shutdowns, and develop the safety culture of all those working in the area. There is also active cooperation with customers in sharing good security practices.

To reach the target of zero accidents, Metsä Fibre is also actively engaging its personnel in safety work by developing the job description of process operators, for example. The updated HSEQ system was introduced at Metsä Fibre in 2021.

​International Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to the target:

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