Purchasing at Metsä Group

Group Purchasing provides procurement services for all of Metsä Group’s business areas: Metsä Tissue, Metsä Board, Metsä Fibre, Metsä Wood and Metsä Forest.

Group Purchasing is organised into 17 main categories. They include fibres, chemicals and other materials, machines, supplies and services, for example. Metsä Forest is responsible for wood supply and forestry services.

Metsä Group’s external purchases total more than EUR 2 billion annually. Group Purchasing is headed by Jarmo Toikka, CPO.

Become a supplier for Metsä Group

Purchasing at Metsä Group is managed systematically in accordance with the principle of continuous improvement. All of the materials and services that we purchase must meet our business needs in the most cost-effective manner. Our goal is to develop long-term cooperation relationships with our selected key suppliers. We expect a strong commitment to cooperation from our key suppliers.

Purchasing at Metsä Group is managed responsibly based on our Supplier Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct determines the minimum requirements for our suppliers in terms of ethical business, integrity, sustainability and ways of working.

Metsä Group’s Code of Conduct presents common ethical principles that apply to the entire Group. Read more about responsibility at Metsä Group.

Materials and services that we buy

What we buy

Group Purchasing is a service function that is managed in a centralised manner, but its operations are decentralised. Purchases are divided into 17 main categories.


Direct materials


Hardwood, softwood, BCTMP.

Recovered Paper

Mixed Office waste and other higher grades, old newsprint, old corrugated containerboard.

Basic Chemicals

Caustic soda, sodium chlorate, hydrogen peroxide, sulphuric chemicals, industrial gases, lime.

Process Chemicals

Sizing & retention chemicals, OBA, dyes & inks, other process chemicals.


Carbonates, clay, talcum, plastic pigments.

Binders and Coatings

Starch, latex, PVA, stearates and hardeners, CMC, synthetic thickeners, binder additives, barrier coating agents.

Packaging Materials

Printed and unprinted PE film and hoods, shrink and stretch film, corrugated boxes, roll packaging, card board boxes, core board, cores, pallets, labels and bale wire.


Indirect materials and services

​Production Consumables

Machine clothing, blades, rolls and roll services, refiner segments, ropes, rods and beds for sizers and pulp stones.

Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO)

Goods and services needed in the maintenance operations.

Administrative Services

Travel services, facilities (e.g. cleaning, printing / copying, cars), professional services (e.g. insurances, consultancy), office supplies & equipment.

Mill related support services

Plant support services and facility management, cleaning services (office and process cleaning), waste management, security and guarding, forklifts and material handling services, consulting services.


Electricity, gas (NG, LNG, LPG), other fuels (fuel oil, coal, peat).


Road and rail logistics, shipping and warehousing (ports & inland terminals).


Services such as IT infrastructure, hardware and hosting, telecommunications, application and local support, ICT consultancy and project deliveries, software licenses.


Services related, e.g. to the company brand development, magazines and other publications, digital communications, media monitoring and translation.


Services related to recruitment, performance management, compensation and benefits, training and development and well-being at work.


Goods and services needed in investment operations.

How to become a supplier


What we expect from our suppliers

We are always interested in finding new suppliers. Metsä Group selects suppliers on the basis that they comply with our Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct and meet our sustainability principles. In addition, suppliers must be:

  • Reliable
  • Competitive
  • Reputable
  • Qualified
  • Capable
  • Environmentally sound
  • Committed to meeting the Group’s expectations.

Companies interested in cooperating with Metsä Group are invited to fill in our contact form. We will contact you if we have a need for the products or services you provide.