Metsä Wood DURAForm

Metsä Wood DURAForm
Metsä Wood DURAForm

Extra-durable high-quality birch formwork panel with composite surface to resist rippling

Metsä Wood DURAForm® is a smooth surface maintenance-free birch plywood panel for concrete formwork applications.* Metsä Wood DURAForm has a multi-material composite surface which makes the panel harder and more scratch- and wear-resistant than standard formwork panels. The composite is moisture-resistant and therefore reduces surface rippling and provides a smooth concrete cast. It can be used as many as 200 times.


  • Shuttering systems
  • Concrete element industry
  • Concrete block industry
  • Girder formwork


  • Extra-hard and wear-resistant surface
  • Surface resists rippling
  • Smooth durable multi-material composite surface
  • Easy to clean and reuse
* Metsä Wood does not sell, market or distribute the product and does not allow anyone else to do the same under the mark “Metsä Wood DURAFORM” or “DURAFORM” in the United States of America or Canada.