A major producer and user of bioenergy

Metsä Group’s pulp mills are among the largest producers of renewable energy in Finland.

Bioenergy – products made with renewable energy


Renewable, wood-based bioenergy constitutes 86% of the energy that fuels Metsä Group’s mills. Nationally, we are a major producer of renewable energy: Metsä Group produces 16% of all renewable energy in Finland.

Our investments in bioenergy and improved energy efficiency have enabled us to reduce our fossil carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions by 34% per produced tonne over the years (2009–2015). We produce bioenergy from logging residue, such as branches and treetops, sawdust and bark from sawmills, as well as production side streams.

The energy self-sufficiency rate of our pulp mills is 150%, and they are among the largest producers of renewable energy in Finland. In addition to our own production, we supply bioenergy in the form of district heat to local communities and electricity to the grid. The Äänekoski bioproduct plant will increase our share by 2 percentage points. It will produce 2.4 times the amount of energy it consumes.

Investments in bioenergy

In recent years, Metsä Group has made significant investments in bioenergy, which have further increased the share of bioenergy in our operations. Our most recent investment, a biopower plant at the Metsä Tissue mill in Mariestad in Sweden in 2015, reduces the mill’s oil consumption by 90% and CO₂ emissions by around 30% compared to the present level.

A major supplier of bioenergy

In addition to its own energy production, Metsä Group supplies the equivalent of 4.5 TWh of biomass for bioenergy production across Finland. This can replace around 1.3 million tonnes of fossil carbon dioxide emissions per year. The amount of bioenergy that we supply is over 60% higher than our annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Focus on energy efficiency

As well as increasing the share of bioenergy, we are focusing on energy efficiency. Metsä Group has improved its energy efficiency by 7% between 2009 and 2015. Our target is to improve our energy efficiency by 10% between 2009 and 2020. Improving energy efficiency is an important element in all of our major production investments.

Enabling customers to replace fossil fuels

Metsä Group is one of the largest suppliers of wood-based biomass in Finland, with customers all around the country. Totalling 4.5 TWh, our biomass deliveries enable our customers to replace fossil fuels and reduce their fossil carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 1.3 million tonnes per year. Our external deliveries do more than just offset our climate change effects, as their share is over 60% more than our own annual emissions.