Metsä Group's business operations developed as expected

Interim Report Q2 2016​​​​​​


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Careers at Metsä

​Are you interested in career opportunities at Metsä Group? If the answer is “yes”, then you are probably interested in checking out our Career site!  

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Pulp processed into new shapes in the hands of partners

​Until recently, ideas of running pulp production on a vast scale and of using wood as raw material for clothes, musical instruments, the interiors and upholstery of cars, and the surfaces of household appliances, seemed utopian. Now they are about to become reality.

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Metsä Group's activities support reaching the UN​ Sustainable ​Development Goals

​The United Nations has set Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs in short – that are jointly agreed large-scale global commitments. They determine the targets and actions for world's development for the next 15 years. Also Metsä Group's operations support these goals.

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Bioproduct mill to Äänekoski in 2017

Next-generation bioproduct mill coming to Äänekoski in 2017

Next-generation bioproduct mill

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