Main administrative bodies

Metsäliitto Cooperative's administrative bodies are the Representative Council, Supervisory Board, Board of Directors and the CEO. The bodies separately specified below on this page assist the administrative bodies in their decision-making and prepare their decisions. Currently, the CEO of Metsäliitto Cooperative acts as the President and CEO of the Metsä Group.

According to the rules of Metsäliitto Cooperative, the administrative personnel of Metsäliitto Cooperative must not work for companies or other organisations operating either directly or indirectly in the same sector as Metsäliitto Cooperative or its group companies or participate in the administration of such companies or organisations.

Representative council


The Representative Council exercises the supreme decision-making power belonging to the members of Metsäliitto Cooperative in the matters specified by law and regulations. The Representative Council substitutes the meeting of the cooperative in Metsäliitto Cooperative. The meeting of the Representative Council processes the matters specified in the Cooperatives Act and the rules of the cooperative, and other matters mentioned in the invitation to the meeting. The main tasks of the Representative Council are to:

  • decide on adopting the financial statements,
  • decide on the distribution of profit to the members,
  • decide on discharging the Supervisory Board, Board or Directors and CEO/President and CEO from liability,
  • elect the members of the Supervisory Board and the auditors and to decide on their fees.

A full member of Metsäliitto Cooperative may be elected to the Representative Council. Persons who are employed by Metsäliitto Cooperative or a Group company and who are members of the Metsäliitto Cooperative Supervisory Board or Board of Directors are not eligible to stand for election to the Representative Council.

The election of the Representative Council is carried out every fourth year by postal vote or a vote over a communications link or with some other technical device. Each member has one vote. The election is carried out by election districts such that as many representatives are selected from each district as the list of voters for the district in question includes Metsäliitto Cooperative members entitled to vote on 1 January of the election year, divided by 2,300 or part thereof. The election districts are confirmed by the Supervisory Board, and they are essentially determined in accordance with Metsäliitto Cooperative's district organisations.

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Supervisory Board

Metsäliitto Cooperative's rules specify that the Supervisory Board is a part of Metsäliitto Cooperative's administrative model. This aims to ensure the realisation of sufficient corporate governance and commitment of the members to the cooperative's decision-making. Strategic and other far-reaching decisions are taken by Metsäliitto Cooperative’s Board of Directors and the operative management takes decisions related to the management of operations.

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Board of directors

According to the Metsäliitto Cooperative rules and legislation, the task of the Board of Directors is to ensure that Metsäliitto Cooperative's and Metsä Group's operations and administration are appropriately arranged.

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President and CEO

Metsäliitto Cooperative has a CEO who also acts as the President and CEO of Metsä Group unless otherwise decided by the Supervisory Board. The President and CEO manages the operations of the entire Metsä Group. Currently, the President and CEO of Metsä Group, Kari Jordan, also acts as the CEO of Metsäliitto Cooperative. The CV of Kari Jordan and his holdings in Metsä Group can be viewed by clicking the adjacent link.

The President and CEO's duty is to manage the operational actions of Metsä Group in accordance with the law, regulations, decisions and instructions from the administrative bodies. According to the regulations, the President and CEO is in charge of arranging the running administration of the cooperative and supervises financial administration.

The President and CEO is elected by the Supervisory Board, and the Board of Directors approves the contract of the President and CEO. The deviation from the Finnish Corporate Governance Code in the election of the President and CEO can be justified by Metsäliitto Cooperative's cooperative administrative model.

Executive management team

Metsä Group has an Executive Management Team with Metsä Group's President and CEO as its chairman. The Executive Management Team assists the President and CEO in the planning and operational management of business operations and prepares proposals to the Board of Directors, such as business strategies, budgets and significant investments. The Executive Management Team has no authority based on laws or rules. The Executive Management Team comprises Metsä Group’s President and CEO, the CEOs of the subsidiaries, the directors of the Metsä Wood and Metsä Forest business areas, as well as the Group’s CFO and Strategy Officer. The Executive Management Team primarily convenes twice a month as summoned by its chairman and whenever necessary.

The current Executive Management Team comprises Kari Jordan (President and CEO), Hannu Anttila (Executive Vice President, Strategy), Petri Helsky (CEO of Metsä Tissue Corporation), Ilkka Hämälä (CEO of Metsä Fibre Oy), Mika Joukio (CEO of Metsä Board Corporation), Esa Kaikkonen (Executive Vice President, Metsä Wood), Juha Mäntylä (Executive Vice President, Metsä Forest) and Vesa-Pekka Takala (CFO). CVs of the members of the Executive Management and their holdings in Metsä Group can be viewed by clicking the adjacent link.


District committees

In accordance with Metsä Group's rules, there is a District Committee in each supply district. The District Committee comprises the members of the Representative Council, Supervisory Board and Board of Directors elected from the District's area. It also includes candidates not elected in the election of the Representative Council, twice the number of the representatives elected from the District's area, with a minimum of five (5), in the order of the personal number of votes. The guidelines approved by the Supervisory Board specify the tasks of the District Committee. According to the guidelines, the main task of the District Committee is to promote communication and interaction between the members and the Metsäliitto Cooperative supply district in question with its operation.