Profitable growth

We maintain our competitiveness through innovation, cost-efficiency and high profitability.

​​On a stable foundation

Financial performance is an absolute requirement for the continuous development of operations. We shoulder our responsibility for the environment, our partners and each other to ensure a successful business and forest economy. We maintain our competitiveness through innovation, cost-efficiency and high profitability. We invest in business functions with a good long-term growth outlook.

Financial reporting in 2017

In 2017, Metsä Group’s and Metsä Board’s financial reports are published as follows:

2 February 2017: Financial Statements for 2016
4 May 2017: Interim Report for January–March 2017
3 August 2017: Half Year Financial Report for January–June 2017
1 November 2017: Interim Report for January–September 2017

Metsä Group’s Financial Statements 2016 including the management report will be published in English and Finnish as a pdf file on Metsä Group's website on the week beginning 27 February 2017.

Key figures

Metsä Group2015​2014​2013
​Sales, EUR million5,016​4,970​4,932
​Operating result, excl. non-recurring items, EUR million​537​​418​342
​ROCE, %​13.7 11.1​8.9

​ROCE, excl. non-recurring items

​ROE, %​​15.9 ​13.09.9
​ROE, excl. non-resurring items​​15.8 ​13.4​10.3
​Equity, %​​43.2 ​37.9​38.1
​Net gearing, %25​46​76
​Interest-bearing net liabilities, EUR million​610​938​1,486
​Investments, EUR million​​491.6 ​143​207
​Personnel at the end of the period, rolling average​​9.599​ ​10,410​10,741


Investing in Metsä Group  

As its name suggests, Metsä Group’s parent company Metsäliitto Cooperative is a cooperative owned by its members. After paying for their members’ capital shares, members may increase their holding by investing in Metsäliitto’s additional shares.

Metsä Group's corporate governance principles


On this page you can read about Metsä Group's corporate governance principles. If you are looking for information on Metsä Group and its business areas' organisations, please see the section About us.

Metsä Group is a forest industry group whose parent company Metsäliitto Cooperative is a Finnish cooperative. The decision-making and administration of Metsä Group companies complies with the Cooperatives Act, the Limited Liability Companies Act, the Securities Markets Act, the rules of the cooperative, procedures approved by the administrative bodies and the policies and guidelines approved by the Metsäliitto Cooperative Board of Directors and Executive Management Team. Metsäliitto Cooperative's rules are available in full from the link at the side.

Metsä Group adheres to the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2015 for listed companies                             ( However, Metsä Group's parent company Metsäliitto Cooperative takes into account the special characteristics of the cooperative form of incorporation and states any deviations from the Code, including their rationale. Reference to Metsäliitto Cooperative is only made in those parts of the Corporate Governance principles described herein where the matter in question is dealt with solely from the parent company’s perspective.

Metsä Group prepares its financial statements and interim reports in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The financial statement documents are published in Finnish and English.

Metsä Group's head office is located in Espoo, Finland. The registered office of the parent company Metsäliitto Cooperative is in Helsinki, Finland.

Metsäliitto Cooperative's Board of Directors is liable for compliance with corporate governance and the administration principles specified herein.

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