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Make the most of Metsä


Brand story

Metsä Group makes the most of the best renewable raw material in the world, northern wood, responsibly and efficiently. To do this, we challenge both ourselves and our customers. That's why we keep delivering results that speak louder than words. This is how we 'Make the most of Metsä'.

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

Brand hierarchy

Metsä Group’s brand hierarchy is simple, logical and easy to understand. The Metsä logo serves as the main symbol of the brand. The names of the business areas consist of the word Metsä and a business-specific definition.



The possibilities of the forest – and Metsä – are practically endless

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 


To succeed, we must be sustainable, reliable, responsible, systematic, professional and customer-oriented. To stand out, we have to be inspiring, fair, genuine, results-oriented and challenging.

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 


Our Metsä brand has three cornerstones. Each of them is relevant, inspiring and true. We are responsibly profitable in everything we do. The best industry results speak louder than words. Our value chain is unique and our wood and fibre expertise leads to world-class products. Our attitude is to demand more from ourselves and our partners.

One brand – more than the sum of its parts

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

Tone of voice

Our tone of voice is always real and to the point. We are straightforward, honest and avoid using jargon. We write and talk like one human to another.

The tone and words are just one part of telling a story. It takes much more. This is why we always begin with thinking about Metsä’s role in an increasingly responsible world. We take into account who we are talking to and what is our target group. Our aim is always to tell clearly what the ultimate benefit of what we are offering is.